Pressure Washing

We use a 3000 psi/200 bar honda engined pressure washer, whirlaway and choice of sealent to restore your driveways, patios, paths and decking back to looking like new.



Helping to restore your driveway back to it's original appearance couldn't be easier!  

Our pressure wash service is completed over a maximum of 2 days dependant on whether a sealant is also required.  There are many benefits to opting for a sealant finsh, as this can improve the appearance of dull surfaces, facilitate easier future cleaning, and contains a powerful fungicide which prevents unsightly mould.  It also protects from the effects of water, oil, petrol and moss growth.


Day 1: The area will recieve a full pressure wash, which removes all dirt, and reduces the appearance of stains and marks that have built up over time.  We will then re-sand, to replace any that may have been lost during the cleaning process.


Day 2: If a sealant is opted for, we will require a minimum of 3 days between pressure wash and the application of the sealant (1 week may be required in cooler weather). This is because we need to ensure the area has dried sufficently to allow the sealant to be absorbed.  We offer 2 types of sealant; (i) Acrylic based - which is cheaper, and lasts approximately 2 years or (ii) Solvent based - which is more expensive but lasts for approximatley 5 years (or longer, dependant on wear).


We encourage all our clients to inspect our work to ensure they are completly happy before we leave.





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